If you have an Android Smartphone, you can use your device as an Internet access point (AP) via a portableWiFi hotspot. It will allow other devices to connect to it via Wi-Fi. The connected devices will have access to the internet via your data network. This will enable mobile data & mobile data will be consumed.


You can easily create a WiFi Network to use from other WiFi enabled devices including smartphones, laptops and desktop computers.

Let’s see how to create an wireless network connection on your android smartphone.

Go to > Settings > Wireless and networks > Tethering and portable hotspot

Now turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. In this step you will find the option “Configure” to configure your network settings. Give a name to your WiFi Network by typing on the “Network SSID” box. Choose security type and give a password.

Please note that, it just created a portable WiFi network. To use the WiFi network from other device, you must need to turn on your mobile data. Read how to use Portable WiFi Hotspot in other devices.