So, you have an online forum that needs to be promoted, right?


Promoting a forum is not so hard. You can easily promote your own online forum easily. Let’s check the methods how I promote my own forum Hox Forum.

Online Forum

Method 1: Promoting on other forums using Signature:

Probably you are active in different forums already. Add your own forums link in other forums signature. This is the most effective way of promoting your forum. Because other forum posters/member are seeing your forum. If it’s in their niche, they will come to your forum and start contributing.

Method 2: Search Engine Optimization:

Proper SEO will make your forum popular automatically. Because lots of people search for new forum every minutes. So, if your forum is search engine friendly, people will easily find and be active at your forum.


Method 3: Paid Advertising:

I think you are not interested at this method. But you can be interested too, if you read my next lines. Most of the forums have self advertising options. They advertise at very lower rate. You can contact an administrator of your desired forum about advertising.